Some reasons that explain why escorts pay great attention on their fitness

I date sexy and gorgeous girls via escorts services and I have been doing that since a very long time. When I get hot and gorgeous girls, then I always notice all them are in perfect shape and you can’t find any girl who is not in really sexy fit girlsgood shape. I think all the girls that work as escorts spend good amount of time for their fitness. I also believe it is essential for all these fitness girls do pay minute attention on their fitness else they would not be able to stay in their business for a longer time.

If you will ask my opinion about a preferred partner, then I am fine with a skinny or busty girl. But if she is not in a fit shape then I prefer not to choose her as my partner. I don’t think other men will have any kind of different opinion in this particular matter and they will also prefer to have a girl that is fit in her shape and look healthy to them. So, they will also prefer to choose sexy and gorgeous girls that are fit and healthy. That means escorts will have to pay minute attention on their fitness part.

Escorts need to work in a really bad timing as well. They may need to go to work without any fixed time and they may not know when they will be back from their work. Also, sometime fitness girls need offer assistance to more than one man in a day. In some cases, it can reach to as many as four or five men as well. Fitness girls can do that kind of hard work only if they have a good health. That is one more reason because of which they need to pay minute attention on their fitness.

Also, escorts don’t get any paid leaves from their work. If they are not working then it means they are not making money. So, if they get sick, then it will be a loss for them and it will affect their entire budget as well. If they will pay

attention on their fitness, then they will not have to worry about this particular topic and they will stay healthy and fit all the time. That also means they will not need to take any sick day off from their work and it will not affect their earning as well in a negative manner.

This business is also one of those business or work, in which client satisfaction is highly important. If a client is not satisfied with your work, then you are not going to get any work from him again. If Fitness girls get negative response from some of their clients, then it affects their credibility and earning both. That means escorts not only need to stay physically active and fit, but they need to stay sharp emotionally as well. That is also possibly only if they follow all the fitness tips and that is why they should keep this thing in their mind to have better outcome.

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